Security measures are necessary not only for completed or occupied properties. Construction sites also need to be protected to prevent losses. Secure Worldwide is the security specialist you can depend on for efficient security services to keep your construction site safe and secure from vandals, thieves and from further loss following a fire.



People often think that construction sites do not need security, for they do not have anything valuable that thieves might want. What they don’t realize is that construction sites are filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of materials like copper pipes, metal, machinery and other tools that the thieves target. Also, a vacant property or a deserted construction site is an easy target for thieves and vandals.

 In fact, every empty construction site which is deserted by night should have tight security watch to prevent damage to the property or loss of assets.



Secured Worldwide offers around-the-clock security guard services for new construction projects and also at existing sites undergoing restoration, to prevent loss of material and damage to the property. We can also have additional security in place for restoration projects involving buildings that have a historical value and house valuable artifacts.

Secured Worldwide also offers remote video monitoring so that you can keep vigil on valuable material and items to ensure that they are safe and secure.

Talk to us today to find out how we can design the security detail for your construction site and keep you protected from end to end.