Secure Worldwide is committed to do its part for the environment. We do our best to minimize the impact we have on the environment by adhering to highest standards of operation. We understand that the threat to people, the assets and our environment due to global warming cannot be taken lightly. We believe that it is also our responsibility as a company to minimize our carbon footprint for the safety of the entire global community.



The services offered by Secure Worldwide adhere to the highest ethical and environmental safety standards, so as to prevent and minimize any kind of impact that we might have on the environment. We adhere to an environmental-friendly policy while working indoors as well as outdoors. Among the eco-friendly measures that our company has taken up to minimize the carbon footprint and to contribute to controlling global warming include:

  • Green Fleet – Using fuel-efficient Smartcars for security patrols
  • Encouraging more use of electronic documentation and email correspondence rather than paper-based communication
  • Regular vehicle performance and driving technique monitoring to reduce carbon emissions
  • Switching to e-billing and electronic accounting methods
  • Replacing paper reports or notes with handheld electronic devices to senior and executive level staff
  • Using energy-efficient equipment and reducing use of gas-powered equipment
  • Minimizing consumption of energy, water and other natural resources

We also measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions so as to reduce our carbon footprint gradually and bring it down to a negligible percentage in the next few years.