Secure Worldwide offers quality firewatcher services for industrial and commercial spaces. Our personnel are hand-picked and become a part of our security professionals who are is committed to identifying your needs and extending reliable services that will not just match, but exceed your expectations. Secure Worldwide is a licensed security services provider, specialized in offering firewatch and security guard services to both corporate and individual clients.



It is necessary that residential and commercial premises across most cities and towns in Alberta should be equipped with fire-protection systems that must be regularly monitored and serviced by a licensed service provider.  Re-word

Secure Worldwide is a licensed professional security service provider with trained firewatch personnel who:

  • Inspect your property periodically to identify fire hazards
  • Conduct patrols and keep watch for smoke hazards
  • Document the inspections and notify the fire department immediately if the fire sprinklers or alarms are not functioning
  • Maintain daily security logs to record all activity on site
  • Know where the fire protection equipment, such as extinguishers, are located to control fire-related emergencies
  • Immediately relay information to emergency services

Our team will conduct patrols frequently with customized patrol routes. We also offer contractual security professionals as watchmen to guard your property when sprinkler systems are turned off in commercial properties or construction sites.



Secured Worldwide offers around-the-clock firewatch and watchmen services to prevent fire incidents, and to protect from further damage to property and injury to people.

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