Secure Worldwide is committed to the professional growth of its employees by offering continuing education programs. We offer internal promotion opportunities through our security courses, which eligible employees can enroll for and develop their skills. Individuals seeking a stable career in the security services industry can also enroll for this course and align themselves to become a security professional.  Below are the courses in which we offer training.



Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) is a basic security program that you should consider for getting started. Secure Worldwide is a recognized training provider for ABST and our program is accredited by the Solicitor General and Public Security Office. The ABST program we offer meets the standards set by the Alberta Ministry of Justice and is administered by experts in the field of public security.

ABST is a course that you should complete to understand the basics of security, which will also allow you to get a valid security services license in Alberta.



Standard first aid is one of the most important things that security personnel should know about. It is one of the necessary skills that is required of any security professional. The Standard First Aid/CPR & AED course will include training in:

  • Basic first aid to give to a victim before emergency units arrive
  • How and when to perform CPR on adults and children

Our standard first aid courses are valid and approved by the authorities. We adhere to the highest international standards to train our personnel in life-saving first aid and CPR.